This soothing serum came at the perfect time!

Posted by Mustafa Maged on 

@oattbe_PEDATOSOL is a new brand of Korean skincare, and so far I love it. Oattbe’s philosophy is to combine the best of science and nature. The name itself comes from a fusion of “oat” and “syn bio beta glucans”. I got a chance to try the Oattbe Syn Bio β-Glucans Serum.

Oattbe Syn Bio β-Glucans Serum promises the following:
🍃Instantly moisturizes
🍃Soothes the skin
🍃Anti-aging benefits

My thoughts:
🍃 My skin has been all kinds of crazy lately. So this soothing serum came at the perfect time. I started using it exclusively as soon as it arrived.
I love the texture - the liquid is the right viscosity (not sticky but not watery) and glides on effortlessly. It makes my skin very soft, and seems to quickly reduce inflammation do to the anti- inflammatory properties in this serum. If you have occasional breakouts this is the product for you. The scent deserves a special note and has a very pleasant aroma. Hints of vanilla and coconut remind me of a summer day on the beach. It’s very faint, but oh so pleasant. Combined with the wonderfully designed brown glass bottle, the scent adds to the overall skincare experience. Overall, I'm very pleased with this product. A few drops is all it takes for the entire face and neck. This product is a definite keeper.


By Jamie Pelfrey @