14-2. Characteristics of New Biological Glucan Products : Syn Bio Beta Glucans

Characteristics of New Biological Glucan Products :  Syn Bio Beta Glucans

New Paradigm for Skin moisturizing and Skin Reproduction

 Oats, known as antioxidants, have been used to relieve and soothe itching and irritability caused by various dry skin disease. 

New bio-globucan lotion and gel used ‘hydrocolloid b glucan undiluted liquid’ and complex fermented lactobacillus of bean’ as the main ingredient. This is a new multiple fermented moisturizer for skin improvement.


* characteristics of Product  : 

Contain the properties of 1, 3-1, 4D Beta glucan & poly-phenols(avenanthromide), which are extracted from Syn-Bio Glucan. 

Syn-Bio Glucan: Prepare the undiluted solution of oats and beans  undiluted solution extracted from complex fermented oats and beans. 

 1. bio-film formation 

Beta glucan, derived from high viscosity oats, produces biomembrane on the skin. Biomembrane protects the immune system from the outside of the body, such as allergies, fine dust, pollutants, and micro-organisms. It essentially blocks substances that aggravate skin infection. Also, it prevents moisture from being drained out of the skin caused by skin inflammation. 

In addition, conventional moisturizers are mostly composed of vegetable oils. It is expected to produce an oil curtain and looks forward to the aforementioned effects. However, the membrane formed by simple oil does not last long. Because of low density, It is also limited in blocking the pollutants from the outside and preventing water evaporation from the skin. 

Biomembrane by beta Glucan has characteristics to improve those problems. 


  1. Water holding effect

Beta glucan keeps moisture from evaporating by combine with moisture. 

This combination becomes apparent when they occur in the cell.

Beta glucan is divided into colloid b gluten and hydrocolloid b glucan, depending on the particle size. The molecular size of the colloid beta glucan is 75 to 110 μ m, whereas the molecular size of hydrocolloid oat beta glucan is 5 nm - 0.5 μ m. The molecule is very small. This is water-soluble. So it is absorbed quickly into the skin and permeates both outside and inside of the cells. Therefore, it fundamentally blocks moisture from being drained in the cells. And the higher the concentration of the Beta glucan, the greater the function. Conventional colloid's penetration rate is lower than the hydrocolloid beta glucan glucan, because of big molecular size. In addition, in concentrations exceeding 5 %, there is a limit to the manufacture of high concentration moisturizer because of Powdery effect which occurs when density is higher than 5%. 

 On the other hand, hydrocolloid beta glucan is ultra-critical particles, making it much easier to penetrate into the skin.

Also, it is acceptable to manufacture high-consumption moisturizers. The new bio glucan is a primary component of hydrocollus beta gluten.


  1. Anti-infective effectivity

Beta glucan, derived from oats, is well known for anti oxidative activity. it helps to improve skin condition and prevent skin aging.