14-3. Characteristics of New Biological Glucan Products : Syn Bio Beta Glucans 2

  1. Anti-inflammatory and Anti-itching effects

Oats have been used to relieve skin irritation and itching since ancient times. From the mid 20th century, many studies have been proving this effect. In the 21st century, the United States, Japan, and France, which led to the manufacture of moisturizing drugs and cosmetics began to actively use the colloid Beta Glucan, derived from oats. 

Actually, recent studies have shown that the polyphenol and beta-glucan from Oats blocks the inflammation and the itching by blocking inflammatory substances and histamine. therefore, it started to be used to replace steroids when it comes to relieve skin irritation and itchy skin.

The reason is that steroids help relieve skin irritation, but it can injure skin when it is used for long periods. There is also a side effect of contracting skin cells. So it has to be used limitly by experts. However, the Beta Glucan, derived from oats, has no such problems, so it is safe to be used for moisturizers or cosmetics if there is no allergic reaction. Also, the antihistamine skin supplement is less effective in reducing itching. Even there is a problem that makes stimulation.


  1. Anti-fectivity effect 

Beta glucan and polyglucology, derived from oats, contain the effect of limiting herpes simple virus, herpes zoster, 

and water warts virus. It may helps alleviate these symptoms of skin diseases. 

Currently, at the Seoul saint mary's hospital dermatology  and the Catholic Medical Center are conducting a study of proving anti-viral effects.


manufaturer process

  1. Extra Expressions of Other Components

 The acidity of a healthy skin (pH) is subacisity. However, The acidity of the inflamed skin is changed to alkali, resulting in a greater than 90 % attach rate of skin virus relative to the normal conditions skin. Therefore, skin infections will occur often.There is also a restriction on cleaning the skin with alkali-based soap. As a way to solve this problem, there is Virgin coconut oil which has natural Laurin substance. According to the findings of the Philippine National Institute, it can significantly reduce the percentage of skin attached virus. Therefore, it is basically included in the moisturizer of the virgin coconut oil, which is derived from pure cold water in 24 hours.

 Also, the balanced Omega oil(omega3, 6) contained in oats may help the skin cells activate and restore. Also, by the Ceramidia restoration enzymes in the complex fermentation liquid, it is possible that Sphingomyelin in the skin is moved to the ceramide, which naturally improves skin elasticity. In addition, the various nutrients contained in the soya fermentation culture medium can improve skin health and skin texture. It also contain Camellia oil, which is good at Keratodermia. 

 Currently, the regulations for colloid oats in the United States are based on the American Food and Drug Administration standards in 2003. The cosmetics or ointments of the colloidal oatmeal, which includes 0.007 % - 10 %, are used as the basis for the OTC ; over the counter drug. 

 Since the original oat contains 5 % beta glucan, it is 0.00035 % - 0.005 % to the β - glucan concentration. 1gram of oats contains 5% of beta glucan. Therefore when it comes to Beta Glucan concentration, 1cc of cosmetics or ointment contains 0.0175 mg - 0.25 mg of beta-glucan.

 oattbe product

Oattbe Baby Lotion PEDATOSOL contains 85.7% of syn-bioglucan, and the serum type contains 50 %. The beta glucan concentration of this syn-bioglucan is 1.5 mg/cc, it has 1.125 mg - 1.2 mg of actual Beta glucan. It means very high concentration.

 The Lotion type also contains 7 % Syn-bioglucan, so the actual beta glucan is 0.18 mg. It is also very high density. Our cosmetics and ointments using this liquid hydrocolloid beta glucan are the only products in the world. It shows New Paradigm of moisturizer.

 In fact, in America and Europe, colloidal oatmeal is recommended as a supplement for the skin diseases below. 

  In the absence of an absolute cure for various skin diseases, it can be summarized as a product to give the best chance to restore the normal skin function by the anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and blocking external foreign substances. 

This can help us reduce the use of steroid ointment and reduce the chances of infection, especially in cases of atopic patients and geriatric dry skin disease patients.